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Evergreen Weddings & Events welcomes you! We are an event planning company located in the gorgeous Monterey Bay, CA.
We specialize in Full-Service Event Planning & Management

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Enjoy an experience created just for you

At the heart of Evergreen, we believe that the most important part of an event is the feeling it gives you.
We are your trusted guides as you navigate the planning of your next celebration.
Let us transform your visions into the special moments of your dreams!
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We care deeply for our clients, and want to support you in creating memories that are as unique and special as you are!

"Lindsay and her team were amazing throughout our entire time together. From the initial call, she was able to make us feel like she wanted to be involved no matter which package we chose."

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"Lindsay was the definition of cool, calm, and collected. There was no better compliment given than my wife mentioning that she could let go and relax on her wedding day."

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"Lindsay and her team made sure everything was set up perfectly. We even had guests comment on how seamless the day went. Not only did they execute well, but she and her team were so kind and always checked in on us."

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At Evergreen Events, we have
Ever-ything covered!
Rain or shine, spills or rips, we have your back.

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What are the benefits of hiring a
Full-Service event planner?


Planning an unforgettable event for you and your guests to enjoy can be complex and VERY time consuming!  Did you know couples can spend between 350-650 hours trying to plan their own wedding?

By hiring a full-service professional, you can benefit from their expertise in various ways!


Budget Management

Do you have a budget? By hiring a full-service planner, you will have your own guide who is well-versed in the costs associated with hosting an event like yours. Your planner will assist you with managing the budget from the start of planning, and their expertise can even help you save money.


Logistical Knowledge

A full-service planner knows all that goes into planning and executing an event like yours. Hiring a planner that is involved from the get go ensures they will know the ins & outs of your event, anticipating any needs and/or hiccups that may lie ahead!


Vendor Relationships

Your planner has spent countless hours forming relationships with vendors of all kinds. They can recommend which will be the best for your unique event, and can many times, make the impossible possible!



Peace of Mind

No matter the size of your event, having a trusted professional by your side during the whole planning process will provide a feeling of security and confidence that your event will be a success. A full-service planner will support you every step of the way to ensure you enjoy instead of dread.


Does hiring a Full-Service Planner mean I don't get to have any involvement in the planning process?

No! You can have as much or as little involvement in the planning of the event as you would like. Some clients find planning stressful & overwhelming, and love the idea of showing us their vision and preferences, and then hand the reins over to us to do the majority of the planning. Others want to be heavily involved in planning with our team by their side, guiding them every step of the way.

Can I have a consultation with more than one Event Planner?

Yes, and in fact, you should! Many factors may play into whether a planner is the right fit for you, and whether you are the right fit for the planner. You will be working closely together, so it is important that you are a great match not only service-wise, but personality-wise as well.

Can I have my friends and family do things for the wedding instead of hiring some vendors and staff?

You can do what you want with your wedding, however, in order to work with our planning company, we require that certain services for your wedding are provided by licensed, professional, hired vendors. This ensures the happiness, safety, reliability, and ease of our team to collaborate in bringing your event together. We also believe that you, your family, and your friends will be happier to enjoy your event, instead of trying to run it.



Get in touch with Evergreen to discuss how we can help with your upcoming event!

Thanks for reaching out! We will be in touch shortly.

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